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If you have any concerns just come to us.

ISLQ Student Support

Welcome to our website!

This is the product of our community project. We made this website to help improve the wellbeing of the ISL Qatar Community and voice their concerns freely and anonymously. The community project was made to allow students to open their minds and find creative ways to help a community. We picked the ISL Qatar community because of the way it affects us and because we will be able to help directly. We wanted to improve the community in order to have a better learning environment for the students that are here now and for the ones to come.



Students can ask questions/make comments about everything to do with education. This can be about tests, homework, curriculum, suggestions, etc... The school education system can be very hard to understand especially for students who just joined this year, so we hope that this page can help answer all of your inquiries.

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Extra Curricular Activities

People can ask questions/make comments about ECA's. Questions may include queries about timmings, activities and etc. Sometims, people may get confused about when certain activities take place and where. We hope this page helps answer your questions.


Navigating sites

Students can ask questions/make comments on how to use iSAMS, ManageBac or teams. They can also make comments on problems/bugs with the website. We know that most of the time teachers do not give full depth explanations on how some sites or technology work, so us students who have been using this type of software for a very long time will answer everything that you want to know.

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On this page, students can ask questions/make comments on how they think the equipment in school could be improved (e.g. chairs). We will then take these comments or complaints and bring them up with the school directors, MYP coordinators, teachers etc.


Service as action

On this page, students can ask questions/make comments about Service as Action, this can be about due dates, amount, what they can be about, etc.. These questions can also be about how to add a service as action. 

How to use the website:

To help you have a good experience as an ISL and IB student we made a page for each of the following topics.

  • Education

  • Student well-being

  • Navigating school sites

  • ECAs

  • Equipment

  • Service as Action

You can add any comment or question related to the topic of the page. Above there is a brief description on every page. Each one serves a different purpose. Under the descriptions there is a button with the name of the page. If you click on it, it will take directly to the page. Or you can go to the menu at the top of the page and click on your desired page. If you have any questions on how to work the website, just click on the button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Once you are on the page you can add you comment/question by completing the form. Please do not include any foul language.

Don't be afraid to speak your voice


What students have said:

This website is a LIFE SAVER!! not only is it designed in a way that keeps students safe and comftrable to share their concerns. not only is it practical, but its asthetically pleasing aswell. i belive every school should have a website as AMAZING as this one, but obviously they cant one-up this.

Sabine Zein

Grade 8D

This website is effective and great at creating a safe space for members to share their queries and areas of improvement in the community. The website has many support topics in different areas in educational learning in school, which allows the viewer to ask their concerns and questions anonymously. I think this is a wonderful and supportive idea for those who don’t feel confident voicing out face to face, and it improves the support system of the school community! I hope others can use this site with comfort and ease.

Arissa Feruz, Grade 7

This website is very organized and informative, I think that it will be very helpful to improve the student lifestyle in ISL Qatar. To improve, I guess you could have added a video or something, but it is overall very well done. 

Paloma Martinez

Grade 8D

I think that this website is going to be really usefull for our studetns to voice their concerns. It is also a very aesthetically pleasing website with a lot of clear information which I know you all put a lot of effort in acheiving. Good Luck to all of you and hope to see you acheive much more with this website. 

Ms. Emma

This website looks really nice and it is very informative. I was able to very easily understand what this website was talking about and the information included in this website was very clear and legible. If you were to improve this website, I would suggest that you work more on the formating of the website, but other than that, this website is absolutely perfect.

Katrina Kantzia

Grade 9A

I like the creativity put into making this website, you can really see the effort you all put into the design and asthetics. I think its a really nice way to support our students and help them to voice their concerns. An improvment that I think you could work on is orginizing the proccedger by grade levels. 

Mr. Ahmed

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